Safety of Residents and Families

Colorado’s most virus-resistant senior living community

At Hilltop Reserve in Denver, we have made a substantial commitment to integrate state-of-the-art safety features into the construction of Hilltop Reserve senior living community. We want everyone—our residents, their families, our prospective residents and visitors from outside the community, and our staff—to feel safe and at ease.


HVAC with technology found to be effective against COVID-19

One of the major investments we’ve made at Hilltop Reserve involves use of bi-polar ionization in the HVAC system. Studies from manufacturers have shown this system to be 99.4 percent effective at eliminating pathogens in the air. In addition, the technology helps cleanse the air of mold, bacteria, allergens and pollutants, including COVID-19. The charged atoms that are formed also attach to breath droplets and enlarge them, so that filters can more easily catch them. The result is continuous disinfection. 

  • Other important safety features include:

  • 24-hour monitored security and safety protocols

  • Automatic touchless doors throughout the community

  • Solid surface antimicrobial counters in all common areas and resident suites

  • Touchless fixtures in all public restrooms and locker room facilities

  • Frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces with state-of-the-art cleaning products to enhance virus protection

  • Hand sanitizers located throughout the community

  • State-of-the-art emergency response system in all residences and key common areas

So no matter whether you or a loved one resides in our Independent Living, Assisted Living or Memory Care neighborhoods, you can rest assured that we will continuously monitor and upgrade our safety guidelines for each person’s well-being. 

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